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The Great Retaining Walls of Santa Monica

Retain Your Soil, Add Beautiful Hardscape


The Great Retaining Walls of Santa Monica


24th Street
Santa Monica California 90403
United States


(310) 361-4997

The Great Retaining Walls Of Santa Monica provide top tier walls for retaining We are experts in the construction of retaining walls for residential and commercial projects because of our decades of experience in We make sure that all our projects our solid and safe and we are also proud of ourselves on providing stunning and visually pleasing design

A form of hardscaping can be described as retaining walls. These walls are typically constructed of cement and stone. They are tailored to match your property's landscaping You can make it more customizable by using various materials to add multiple layers of your landscape, and increase the area where you can add This is crucial to ensure structural integrity as well as

There are a variety of block walls.
Block walls are used to hold soil which is inline. They create more level area for you to add plants as well These level areas would not naturally exist due to gravity, so you can really customize the design of your landscaping plans Also beyond this, you also customize the materials that the blocks are mad out of, giving you a very unique look to your home and garden The kinds of blocks that are commonly used include concrete blocks, bricks, natural stone, and


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