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Businesses In Rochester Will Benefit From A New Intensive Training Program That Will Run For Six Months

WROC-TV in Rochester, New York, reports on the city’s recent rioting. A total of four local businesses have graduated from the 10,000 Small Businesses program, which is a six-month business intensive program run by Goldman Sachs. All of the businesses were recommended by Assemblywoman Sarah Clark, who represents the 136th district. Clark began working with the company in 2021 and intends to continue working with them in 2022.

In his own words, Clark declared, “I am a member of the Small Business Committee of the assembly.” “It’s a technique to identify organizations that don’t get much attention from other sources of aid… for example, women-owned, black-owned, and minority-owned businesses that don’t get much attention from traditional lenders or receive traditional resources.”

Clark notes that the curriculum is demanding, but that it is only six months long and only three or four days per week, making it a better fit for business owners who need to keep their jobs but who are unable to devote the time necessary to a four-year MBA program.

In the words of Clark, “Well-run small enterprises are the backbone of our towns and cities.” The company is the largest employer when all of the employees are added together. As a result, we are confident that if we can improve their management and profitability, they will continue to be an economic engine for Rochester and the surrounding area.”

The following small businesses in Rochester have successfully completed the program: Triple Win, Inc.: Facilitate internal clarity and definition, as well as optimal clarity-based decision-making, in order to assist organizations and individuals in achieving a clearly defined big picture goal.

One-Stop Cleaning and Supplies for the Office: This company specializes in the sale of housekeeping and office supplies, as well as promotional items and apparel.

In addition to carrying commercial items across the United States and Canada, Frontline Express Inc. is a truckload carrier that purchases, rents, and leases semi-trucks and trailers as well as delivers semi-trucks and trailers.

PrintRoc provides printing solutions to customers in the Rochester area.

Angella Luy, owner of One Stop Janitorial Office Supply, says the most significant thing she took away from the conference was how to enhance the processes at her company. It enabled her to streamline and keep things simple, which allowed her to focus her seven-year-old company.

‘I didn’t promote since I didn’t know what I was doing,’ she admitted. A spin-off of her previous company, One Stop, has emerged. “Then there’s the supply business, which is a completely different animal altogether. As a result, I was conscious of my activities. I had no idea where I was or what I was doing. And we were bumbling around a little.”

It was during the six-month program that she learned how to train new employees faster, manage her time more effectively, and develop more efficient processing procedures. Her improved time management, growth, and even the ability to plan trips are all a result of all of this. It is all about the bottom line, and Luyk feels that his investment will soon pay off, despite the fact that the program requires a significant amount of time and attention.

“I honestly believe my business will expand, triple, and quadruple in the coming years,” Luyk continued, citing what he has been informed about the future of the company.

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